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Giving birth to a body who's soul is already in Heaven was the single most painful experience of my life. To be full of life one day and then have it violently ripped away from you the next took a toll on me in ways I never imagined possible.

If you're like I was, then showing up for your life seems a herculean task. Intimacy with your husband and with God is...difficult, to say the least. So much anger, hurt, guilt, betrayal. You don't even feel safe to really grieve, know what this kind of grief is supposed to look like, or how long it takes.

Don't Get Stuck Here

Did you know that grief has no imposed timeline? There's no requirement for it to linger for years. In the past, societal norms dictated a prolonged period of mourning, marked by donning black attire and abstaining from life as an outward sign of deep mourning. However, you no longer need to remain entrenched in this antiquated approach.

June 25th would have marked the fifth birthday of my first and only son, Amare. Somedays, it feels like it just happened. Other days, it feels like I watched it happen to someone else. Yet, the undeniable reality is that it did happen, and it happened to me, shaping my new normal and possessing the potential to shatter my life. Thankfully, I am more fight than flight, been that was my whole life, and I embraced a fighting spirit to break free from grief.

I decided that my husband and I weathered substantial challenges, and we could weather this storm too. I decided that my living children deserved the very best version of me, not a mere shell, and so, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement. Swiftly, I uncovered the undeniable truth encapsulated in the phrase, 'Happy wife, happy life.'

Let Me Show You a Better Way

It is my sincere prayer for you, if you currently find yourself ensnared in the grips of grief, grappling with challenges in nurturing intimate bonds within your marriage, family, and spiritual connection with God, that you find your fighting spirit to advocate for your marriage, the well-being of your living children, your peace, joy, and sanity.

In pursuit of this objective, I am so excited to give you this FREE PDF printable download of resources to get you started on the road to healed. As a minister, mother, and wife, I am committed to fighting for your liberation from the clutches of grief as much as you are.

Having already endured profound losses, it is my heartfelt desire that you need not relinquish yourself, your marriage, or your family, because you've already lost so much.

Click the link provided to begin the healing process for your heart. Remember, you are not alone, and you don't have to do this thing alone.


One who's been there. 🥰

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